Collagen Therapies

Collagen Therapies

The idea behind Collagen Induction Therapy is that by injecting various substances into the damaged structures, a healing cascade is initiated, which results in production of new collagen, causing injured or degenerated tissue such as ligaments, tendon and articular cartilage to repair.

Depending on the outcome that is sought, matched against the type of tissue injury that is present, one can choose from a menu of injectable substances:

Traditional Prolotherapy

Traditionally, 15% dextrose and lignocaine has been used, which has an excellent record of service since the mid 1930’s. This method, commonly known as Prolotherapy, is successfully used by many physicians, as the basis of CIT.

Biological Prolotherapy

In more recent times, the outcome may be accelerated by using various biological substances derived from the patients’ own tissue. These include;Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); Autologous conditioned serum (ACS/Orthokine); and Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

All of these treatments are offered at our clinic. Please contact us for more information.