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Biological Orthopaedic Therapies for Joint Regeneration

To increase the speed and depth of tissue repair, there is an emerging science of biological therapies that use patient-own tissues to accelerate and intensify the healing process of joint degeneration, injury and post-surgical tissue repair. This applies to tendon, ligament, muscle, bone and cartilage.

The human body has a fantastic regenerative and healing capacity. 15 million new blood cells are replaced in the bone marrow every second!......so it makes sense to harness the powerful biological processes that our body already uses to assist healing and repair.

Biological(from live tissue) orthopaedic medicine is part of a new era which is emerging in the management of joint disease and trauma. Until recently, treatment of arthritis and joint injury centered only on pain control and removing or replacing damaged tissue.

Biological therapies such as platelet rich plasma derived from the patient, and are injected into their injured/degenerated musculoskeletal tissue. Biological therapies are in a very active stage of being proven, with an avalanche of research and observation being conducted, and clinical outcomes are very encouraging.

From a clinical perspective, biological therapies address the grey area in orthopaedic and sports medicine that exists between on one hand, patients who need remedial therapies such as physiotherapy and on the other hand, those who need surgical intervention.

Autologous (patients’ own tissue) biological (from live tissue) therapies are the subject of research with promising results, and include but are not limited to platelet rich plasma.

Depending on the condition, delivery of various biological concentrates to osteoarthritic and injured joints can be used for reversing joint, tendon and ligament damage, leading to improved function and improved quality of life. Biological therapies can also lead to avoiding or postponing surgical intervention.


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